Weber Schweißmaschinen GmbH
Schlüsselfertige maßgeschneiderte Automationslösungen aus einer Hand



We produce tailor-made automated lines and constructions, for example, in the following areas:

  • Pole tubes for hydraulic valves
  • Powder for the ends of automatic stabilizers
  • Links for steel chains of mine transporters
  • Forging roll preprocessing roughing.

That is how we develop and implement customised solutions for practically any technology and application for dismantled items. The solutions can be both ready-to-use and modifications of existing systems.

Own products

In-house solutions complement the order-specific plant construction with standardised solutions such as

  • Nozzle cleaning device - cold shock cleans the burner nozzles
  • Robot torch holder with contact switch-off
  • Wire feed system
  • Damped robot wrist for shock-like process forces
  • Workpiece management - the central software

Other services

Furthermore, the overall offer is completed by individually configured consulting, training and assistance services.

  • Safety for machines and systems
  • Training
  • Service
  • Technology development

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