Weber Schweißmaschinen GmbH
Schlüsselfertige maßgeschneiderte Automationslösungen aus einer Hand

Service offering


In the following areas, for example, automation has been carried out using our individually designed and adapted systems:

  • Pole tube production for hydraulic valves
  • Powder coating compositions of automotive stabilizers
  • Production of steel chains for the mining industry
  • Pre-machining of stretch rolling for forged parts
  • Installations with automated detection, lifting, transport and stacking of parts with magnetic technology
  • Robot-controlled hardening systems
  • Handling systems with visual recognition of parts and welding with focus on aluminium
  • Robot welding plant and handling system for welding scaffolding parts
  • Robot welding system for large aluminium radiators
  • Robot loading stations for clamping towers on machining centres

Special solutions for almost any technology and application are conceivable. The solutions are either delivered turnkey or integrated into an existing system.


Own products

Nozzle cold shock cleaning system

Our patented solution for contactless cleaning nozzles mechanism operates without causing damage to the torch. As a result of proper cleaning, the nozzle’s service period lasts longer. Standard cleaning of a nozzle implies mechanical, physical contact, which can damage the surface. That leads to welding residues adhering more closely to the now roughened surface thus making the cleaning more problematic.  Using our system you can clean the nozzle in a matter of seconds avoiding mechanical damage.

We offer our unique technology - Snow Crystal Torch cleaning device - for gentle and careful cleaning of the welding nozzle. It can be easily integrated into the regular work-flow and implemented in the automated welding process. The device can be supplied with different cleaning heads. Special heads for 2nd and 3rd types of welding torches are supplied separately upon request.

Functions: Straight after welding, a cleaning device is applied to the red-hot nozzle for cleaning it. Ice-cold CO2  gas enables contactless cleaning of the nozzle by means of special heads in the cleaning device.  The residues and other impurities will be separated due to the temperature difference and eventually blown off from the surface of the nozzle.

Welding torch with contact emergency shutdown

The welding torch has to be fixed in a single position in order to satisfy the conditions of rough welding and high repeat accuracy of the robot, especially in case of collisions, in order to prevent damage.

Functions: The torch is fixed by springs and is therefore suspended gently. In case of collision an electric contact switch is triggered. The robot will be stopped immediately regardless of the direction of its motion and without the need for consequent realignment.

Wire feeding system

Our welding wire feeding system is an ideal solution for transporting wires for thermal spraying or various types of welding processes.

The special feature of our system is the fact that input of the wire is made between rectangular links of 2 parallel synchronized wires. Thus, the physical force on the wire is distributed evenly across the entire surface, which allows input of soft metal wires without any damage to them.

Our feeder perfectly suits the quick reversing input of wire without slipping along it.

Damped robot wrist joint for impulsive process forces

Our damped robot wrist joint enables the most efficient, low-cost and multi-purpose automation solution especially during any forging-with-rolls process.

This robot wrist is designed to prevent mechanical damage to the robot by means of cushioning any collisions between the work piece and the robot.  It can operate without extensive maintenance in extreme conditions such as high temperature and on-site pollution.

It’s important to note that a robot with such a system easily replaces the tough forging roll process.

Machinery and equipment safety

Safety check and risk assessment

For many years, safe machinery and CE marking have been a trademark of our robotic complex development and implementation, as well as of plant manufacturing services. Be it modernisation of ageing equipment or step-by-step launch of new machines in addition to the existing ones, we apply not only the experience and expertise we have, but also all of our available resources.

  • Review of existing machinery, equipment and safety components
  • Hazard analysis and risk assessment
  • Designing security solutions
  • Selection and integration of safety components
  • Programming of the corresponding controls
  • Conformity assessment
  • CE marking of robot cells, total assets and interlinked production lines
  • Creating CE documentation according to EU Machine Directive.


Depending on clients’ orders for production of automated lines and machinery, we offer training on robotics, servicing, programming and other types of manufacturing process maintenance.


Our client service portfolio includes emergency service and regular technical maintenance of various lines and systems.

Technological development

We offer individual solutions to client’s problems and an individual approach to implementation of new technologies in welding, forging and processing of parts.