Weber Schweißmaschinen GmbH
Schlüsselfertige maßgeschneiderte Automationslösungen aus einer Hand

About us

New technologies today is the standard of tomorrow

Each day we re-dedicate ourselves to the development and improvement of our products in order to meet the expectations of our customers. A great deal of this know-how has already been incorporated into our own products. Equipping you to achieve the best possible results is our highest priority.  For it is only through constant observation, analysis and development that you can achieve your goals faster, which, in turn, fosters success of your products.

The experience of our multiple projects and our commitment to work will enable you to keep up with the pace of the booming market.

Our team of experienced professionals will help your company reduce costs, improve product quality and increase throughput.

Our goal - to grow with our customers.

We help our customers to optimize the performance of the equipment purchased by us and get the best return on investment.

History of Weber Schweißmaschinen GmbH


Weber Schweißmaschinen GmbH was launched to import Hitachi machines and eventually acquires distribution rights from Hitachi. Further development of WSM resulted in construction and sales of transportation, wire feeding and freezing systems.


First ever market launch of plasma cutting systems from WSM Weber Schweißmaschinen GmbH and other low-cost welding equipment.


New products were added to our product line:

  • robotic systems
  • welding torches for robots
  • emergency switch systems.


Collaboration with SRT Halle company in the field of robot CO²- cleaning.  Construction of highly efficient carbon dioxide torch cleaning.


Merger with SRT Halle.


Introduction of CAD - Computer Aided Design. Further development of the system together with Linde AG – CO2 cleaning of welding torch.


Launch of our own CO ² - welding torch cleaning system. Patent: DE 10 2004 063 473 A1.


Registration of our own patent developments.


Awarded DIN / ISO 9001 certification.


Further development of robotic systems in the field of forging plasma, arc welding (PTA Transferred plasma arc) technology and welding extreme thicknesses of complex component geometries.


Creation of complex robotic cells enabling visualization of the process and integration of other processes.


Creation of patent application for wire feeder system.


Welding torches for manual and automated welding added to the product line.


Development of automated assembly lines containing innovative welding technologies.


Development and installation of automated lines for elevation and stacking of parts using magnets. A few of such lines were installed in China.


Focusing exclusively on specially constructed systems. Robot-controlled systems of steel surfaces inductive hardening. Further developments with emphasis on construction of automated lines for elevation and transportation processes and ability to detect the position of the parts using a video camera. All that is to enable welding with the focus at aluminium.


Continuation of the new focus on special plant engineering. Granting of the patent for the wire feed system. Construction of a robot welding and handling system and a robot system for welding scaffolding parts.


25th anniversary of Weber Schweissmaschinen GmbH. Construction of a robot MIG welding cell, a system for welding scaffolding ladders and a robot welding system for large aluminium radiators.

since 2019

Construction and commissioning of several robot-controlled welding cells, handling systems and robot loading stations for clamping towers on machining centres.

In addition to the demanding customer projects, assumption of partial responsibility for "Lichtbogenauftragschweißen von Kühlstrukturen" ("arc build-up welding of cooling structures") as part of the joint project reProTools: "Identifizierung energie- und ressourceneffizienter Prozessketten für die Herstellung thermo-mechanisch beanspruchter Werkzeuge durch eine gesamtheitliche Bewertungsmethode" ("Identification of energy- and resource-efficient process chains for the production of thermo-mechanically stressed tools through a holistic evaluation method"), a funding measure of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Since 2023, collaboration in the joint project CLEAN-Mag: "CO2-neutrale Herstellung von Leichtbaukomponenten aus Magnesium" ("CO2-neutral production of lightweight components made of magnesium") with responsibility for the sub-project "Automatisierung Fügeverfahren" ("Automation of joining processes"). Also a funding measure of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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Our principle

We offer complete solutions, individually tailored to you

  • in special machine construction for handling, welding, accompanying processes such as cleaning, etc. from A to Z,
  • according to customer-oriented production and delivery times,
  • with development, design, control construction, manufacture, assembly and commissioning: everything from a single source,
  • and even after the acceptance of the plant, we are still there for you!